Meet the Entrepreneurs

COHORT 1 (2017-19)


Jeevan Singh Dangwal

Sunkiya, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 5 lakhs

Jeevan battled numerous challenges to start an adventure camp in his village Sunkiya and has created local jobs.


Lalita Bisht

Peora, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 60,000

Disillusioned by big city jobs, Lalita came back to start the first beauty parlour in her village with Udhyam’s support.

Brijmohan Joshi

Suyalgarh, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 90,000

Local farmer Brijmohan Joshi needed a loan to purchase agricultural equipment and increase his productivity by 25%.

S 3

Shubham Kabdwal

Satoli, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1.5 lakhs

Shubham operates a dairy farm and rears traditional cows. He produces and markets organic desi ghee under the brand Satoli homemade through various retailers in Uttarakhand. 

M 1

Madho Singh

Jhargaun Talla, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1.5 lakhs

Madho needed money for 2 machines and a shed for his herb (Ark extract) making business. He is currently looking for deals to increase his sales in the ayurvedic market.

Deepak 1 copy

Deepak Pande

Satoli, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 75,000

Deepak, a sports teacher at a village school, is making sports goods available to village children by changing the mindsets of people towards sports for development. 

Vinay Singh Taragi

Hawalbagh, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 5 lakhs

Vinay has opened a new branch of his cyber café in Almora, Techzone, providing technical skills and services in remote and rural regions, and is upgrading his centre. 

Narayan Singh

Sundarkhal , Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 5,000

Narayan Singh began cultivating herbs on his own private land and encouraged  farmers around him to do the same. He also helped other farmers to start their own nurseries.

COHORT 2 (2018-20)

IMG_7776 copy

Hema Pargayi

Bhimtal, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Hema has been successfully running her scrap business for 6 years and employs 7 people. She now wants to expand her existing business and employ more people. 

IMG_7802 copy

Suman Adhikari

Kathgodam, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 2 lakh

Suman wants to increase her marketing channels and support other women entrepreneurs through her NGO Chestha, which makes Aepan and jute products. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.23.31 PM


Nathuakhan, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 2.5 lakh

Rekha has an existing ladies tailoring, readymade garments and cosmetics shop. She wants to bring in more stock to earn more profit and expand her business.

Mobile repairing shop

Bhuwan Chandra Pargai

Mateli, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Bhuwan is the proprietor of a mobile store and maintenance centre looking to purchase additional stock and upscale his repairing business.


Naveen Upadhyay

Ramnagar, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 5 lakhs

With a focus on responsible tourism, Naveen wants to extend their season into summer at Camp Hornbill by replacing old tents with mud houses. 

Vegetable seller and local products

Pooran Prakash

Dwalkola, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Pooran runs a vegetable and grocery shop in the Almora market, and wants to increase his turnover by buying more produce from local villagers and selling it in the main market.

Animal husbandry almora

Ganesh Singh Bisht

Suyna, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 50,000

A farmer who has been selling cow milk for almost 20 years near his village, he now sees a demand for buffalo milk in the market. Hence he is planning to buy a buffalo.

IMG_7758 copy

Preeti Bhandari

Kaytari, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 50,000

Preeti realised that mushroom farming had a massive potential both for sales and employment generation for local women. She is scaling up her business. 


Harish Ram Tamta

Kabri, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 2 lakh

Harish belongs to an ironsmith family and is carrying forward the family legacy by setting up a production unit where he wants to produce traditional farming tools.

dayaaa copy

Daya Bisht

Bhimtal, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 3 lakh

Daya runs a garment shop and wants to expand her current business. She is planning to increase her sales by stocking more women’s garments. 

Computer repairing shop

Kundan Singh Mehra

Gedholiya, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 2 lakhs

Kundan has a computer shop in Almora and also provides door-to-door services. He wants to increase his turnover by 40% by increase his rotating capital.

Food processing - jam n juice

Gopal Kapil

Shyamkhet, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 60,000

Gopal wishes to start the production of jam, juice and jelly by setting up a fruit processing unit and selling the products at his restaurant. 


Mohan Singh

Kapkot, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 2.5 lakh

An entrepreneur with an existing chicken and meat shop, Mohan now wants to start a poultry farm. He plans to increase his overall turnover by almost 50%.

Orchestra family

Suresh Chandra

Dhari, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1.5 lakh

Suresh runs an orchestra business that he wants to expand by purchasing more instruments, potentially increasing his business from 15 to 20 events per season.

Computer training+photography

Mahesh Chandra Joshi

Jajar, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Mahesh wants to buy a camera and increase business for his photography and videography store to 25 events per season instead of just 15.

Tent house business almora

Shivraj Singh Rawat

Kuri, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 5 lakh

Shivraj runs a tent house business and performs 80 events in a season. Now he wants to scale his business to 200 events by adding more equipment.

jitendra copy

Jitendra Singh Bisht

Bhimtal, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Jitendra wants to renovate his second hotel on the Bhimtal-Haldwani Road and increase his monthly sales from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000. His customers are both tourists and local people.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.01.04 PM

Kiran Bisht

Lamgada, Almora
Loan amount: Rs 1 lakh

Kiran is a tailor who wants to expand her business by buying more sewing machines and using them to train aspiring students. She also has a readymade garments shop.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.22.31 PM

Aan Singh Bisht

Salyakot Malla, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 50,000

Aan Singh is a goat rearer who wishes to expand his enterprise. He will construct a goat shed and augment his current production of goats to earn more profit. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.25.06 PM

Balbeer Singh Kabadiya

Surang, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 2.5 lakhs

Balbeer has been in the nursery business for about 20 years now. With a calculated plan, he wants to produce more saplings of different varieties of herbal, medicinal plants and other species. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.26.56 PM

Vinod Singh Bisht

Kaul, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 3 lakh

Vinod runs a tent house business and wants to scale up to 25 events in the upcoming wedding season and increase his turnover by 50% by adding new equipment.

Ganesh Singh poultry copy

Ganesh Singh

Syana (Dwarahat), Almora
Loan amount: Rs 1.8 lakhs

Ganesh is an existing entrepreneur who has a chicken and mutton shop as well as a poultry farm  of 600 chicks. He wants to build another poultry farm and increase his profit by 50% by selling chicken and eggs.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 7.01.20 PM

Maya Bisht

Garhgaon, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 1.5 lakhs

Eleven years ago, Maya underwent training as a beautician in Delhi. Now she wants to start a beauty parlour in her village, where she will sell cosmetics, readymade garments and shoes as well.  

Prema Bisht

Prema Bisht

Dhari, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 50,000

Prema specializes in knitting, stitching and designing. She has started a boutique with Udhyam’s support. Before this, she ran a tailoring business from home.

Shobhan Singh

Sunkiya, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 50,000

Shobhan turned his hobby of videography and photography into a profitable business. He is passionate about cameras and wants to be a cinematographer.

Vipin Chandra

Mukteshwar, Nainital
Loan amount: Rs 3 lakhs

Vipin wants to scale-up his existing business – a photography cum gift shop. He aims to earn a higher profit by buying supplementary equipment.

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